Screenshot of Beta browser

The browser is inspired by the Smalltalk browser and the file-browser of MacOS. The Smalltalk browser consists of four panes. The Beta browser allows an arbitrary number of panes (as the Mac file-browser) in order to support an arbitrary number of nested object-decriptors.

The browser exists in a version for Beta - minienv, and one for qBeta - qenv. The following description thus applies to both Beta and qBeta.

The Beta World

Modules in Beta are singular objects. Beta libraries and programs are organized in a hierarchical module structure corresponding to the nesting of module objects.This structure is mapped to a hierarchical directory- and file structure. The modules are named using reverse URL's. The organization of modules is inspired by the organization of Java packages.

The Beta World currently consists of the following modules:

  • BETAworld: The top module of the new Beta system. It is currently located as a subdirectory of the compiler directory (miniCompiler).
    • Beta: The core elements of the Beta libraries.
    • LIB: The basic libraries of Beta
    • dk: Example libraries from Danish organizations
    • org: Example libraries from org-domains.
    • workspace: A working module for local programs

The Beta browser is described in the paper: